Monday, May 21, 2012

Activities Week

On May 14-16 2012, as ussual  our school held an event called “Activity Week 2012” Let’s check out the activities..

Science Day
The first day –May 14- We had Science day. In the morning we watch the grade 2 and 3 presentations, then our class -Garde8- went to the scince lab to explain the biotechnology project. My group was aminy, anand, and vivy, it’s about soya milk. At first we explain it well. They tried to taste the milk, some said it was tasty, some said too sweet, and some said it was not good. Their expressions are SO FUNNY! Then one of the teacher asked about our information that said soya milk has higher protein than breast milk. I can’t answer. I toght that we put out the wrong information. So sorry.. >< And we have some cooking demo with a piliphino chef. The spagethi was nice. :D

Angklung Festival
Still the same date, at night around 7pm. The PYP students perform some songs using angklung. At the end the parents were told to hald the angklung and play “Tanah Airku” on Sir Joseph’s direction. They’re having fun, some were laughing and shake the wrong angklung. Than the PYP students sing with the Parent’s angklung. MHSO also accompany the song. It was nice to have a cultural event like that!

Library Day
Second day, it was LIBRARY DAY!! The school was an absolute fantasy land! We were dressed like the characters in some books like spiderman, snow white, and etc. The teachers also, even one of the teacher dressed as pocong, so SCARY! ><  I also won the bookmark competition.. YAY! :D

Night of Music and Dances
Second night, we held a performance of art and music after school activity (ASA), including the MHSO of course. SLB student’s also perform on that night, it was touching. Maybe  they’re not perfect, but GOD gave them the talent of music that makes many parents amaze. :’)

International Day
The last day of activity week. There were so many performance from many different country like Canada, France, China, Australia, India, etc. Then we have lunch with foods from many different country. :D 

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