Friday, March 29, 2013

TOEFL Result

This is my TOEFL prediction result:

When I saw this certificate, I can't believe it. I can't believe I could pass my target which is 550-600. I can't believe my highest score was in structure and grammar. Because our school held a try out one week before the test and I get the lowest score, it's 300 something. And I was so desperate especially with structure and grammar. So I talk to Mr.Charles to give me extra handouts on Tuesday. I study it for three days until midnight and I show it to Alghiery. Alghiery and I got the lowest score on the Try Out, so we work together to improve our score. And our result were satisfying.
I realize I should increase my vocab, maybe by reading some e-book (got the tips from putra :D ). And also to improve more on my listening. Watching cartoons and movies maybe? . Yeah I try it with my siblings and it really helps me to concentrate on the words they speak. I also learn one thing, if you want to improve, work hard. Talk to your teacher, they will help. :)

Math Carnival

On 11 March, we put what we have learned on probability and statistics into practical use. We held a math carnival and invite grade 7 and 8 to participate. At first, Fellingga and I created a game which require the participants to shoot a moving duck. But in the process there were some technical difficulties so we change the game into "Hit The Figures". The participants will try to hit 4 figures, which is made from thick cardboard, using rubber balls and they were given 4 chances. The prizes depends on the score. They will get either candies or candies with extra prizes.
I realized that they have a little chance to hit all the figures. Out of 40 participants, only 2 participants could hit it perfectly. And some participants tend to play more when they were not satisfied with their previous result. We had so much fun and we earn Rp 40.000 which will be combined with our class funds.
And this is our Math Summary:  Math Carnival Summary

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Arab Melayu

Contoh dari sebuah surat kapal yang berisi minimal 3 bait pantun yang berhubungan.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Membuat Pantun

Beli ikan yang masih segar
Ikan dibakar menjadi pepes
Rajin-rajinlah engkau belajar
Agar kelak menjadi sukses

Pergi kepasar membeli jamu
Selain jamu beli makanan
Percayalah dengan tujuanmu
Agar kelak menjadi kenyataan 

Makan dodol sampai kenyang
Dodol pun habis ibu bertanya
Rajin rajinlah engkau sembahyang
Tak sembahyang tak ada gunanya

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Entretien Professionnel

1)      Décrire l’activité (anglais)
Last week we were told to play role as an employer and a candidate who wanted to apply  a job. We speak with a partner and Mr.Fabien recorded it. Then we watched how we speak and Mr.Fabien will correct the mistake. It's funny to see how I speak… =D

2)      Ecrire le dialogue employeur/candidat
Candidat      : Bonjour monsieur.
Employeur   : Bonjour mademoiselle, aseyez vous. Je chercher un photographier la haute-couture. Comment vous s’appelle vous?
Candidat     : Je mappelle Jayanti, j’ai 24 ans et  j’habite à Paris.
Employeur   : Ah oui, Quel est votre diplôme?
Candidat     : J’ai licence en photographier en l’ecole de photograpier a New York.
Employeur   : Interresant! Quel est votre expérience?
Candidat     : Je travaille a Vogue Italy pour 1 ans et Cover Girl New york pour 2 ans.
Employeur   : Oui oui, vous commencez lundi.
Candidat     : Merci beacoup monsieur. Au revoir!
Employeur   : De rien. Au revoir!

3)      Commentaire (Reflect on your work or what can I do to Improve my speaking skills)
Je dois améliorer mon façon de parle. Je peux prononcer certains mots bien. J’adore cette activite parce que c’est intteressant et amusant entendre mon amis parle.


Ini adalah mading globalisasi yang saya kerjakan bersama Aminy, Gloria, Tracey, Michael, dan Putra. kami mengerjakannya selama 3 kali pertemuan. 2 kali di sekolah dan 1 kali lagi di rumah Tracey. Dalam kegiatan ini kami juga memberikan pendapat tentang apa yang harus kita lakukan dengan adanya dampak globalisasi dalam bidang gaya hidup, teknologi, komunikasi, pakaian, makanan, dan norma-norma. kegiatan ini sangat menyenangkan karena dapat mengekspresikan kreativitas dan pendapat kita terhadap globalisasi. Kegiatan ini juga membuat saya mengerti globalisasi dengan cara yang sangat menyenangkan.

Perjuangan Pembebasan Irian Barat

Indonesia telah berjuang membebaskan Irian Barat melalui 4 jalur yaitu diplomasi, ekonomi, politik, dan genjatan senjata. Saya mempresentasikannya dengan Tracey, Putra, dan Joshua. Kegiatan tersebut membuat saya lebih memahami topik ini. Dalam proses pembuatan presentasi tersebut kami mendapat kendala karena kurangnya informasi. Untungnya kami dapat menyelesaikan masalah tersebut dengan tenang. Aktivitas ini membuat saya belajar untuk meringkas informasi dengan tepat dan lebih memerhatikan informasi yang harus di presentasikan.

Presentasi Perjuangan Pembebasan Irian Barat