Tuesday, May 22, 2012


On may 17, the SMH JHS student were going to an edutrip to batam and singapore. It was soooo FUN! 1st day we went to batam by plane. Then we went to Balerang Bridge. The bridge was big. After that we went to Coastarina Beach. We play on the beach and enjoy the wind. We also get into the haunted house. SCARY! ><

2nd day, we went to Singapore by ferry. Than we went to Universal Studio. OMG! The place was SUPER COOL!! It’s like a real heaven. We play there for 6 hours and I’m not statisfied yet. But it was fun to ride the Transformers, The Mummy and others. Then we sleep at Asphodel Inn.

3rd day we went to RGS. The school, it was big and super complete. We make friends with the students there. They were pretty, smart and talented too.  Then we went back to Batam. At night we went to a big mall called Nagoya. It was near our hotel. J

4th day, the last day. We went to Nusa Beach. It was quite fun. Then we went back to Pekanbaru. Awwww I want to stay a bit longer. L

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