Friday, March 29, 2013

TOEFL Result

This is my TOEFL prediction result:

When I saw this certificate, I can't believe it. I can't believe I could pass my target which is 550-600. I can't believe my highest score was in structure and grammar. Because our school held a try out one week before the test and I get the lowest score, it's 300 something. And I was so desperate especially with structure and grammar. So I talk to Mr.Charles to give me extra handouts on Tuesday. I study it for three days until midnight and I show it to Alghiery. Alghiery and I got the lowest score on the Try Out, so we work together to improve our score. And our result were satisfying.
I realize I should increase my vocab, maybe by reading some e-book (got the tips from putra :D ). And also to improve more on my listening. Watching cartoons and movies maybe? . Yeah I try it with my siblings and it really helps me to concentrate on the words they speak. I also learn one thing, if you want to improve, work hard. Talk to your teacher, they will help. :)

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