Friday, March 29, 2013

Math Carnival

On 11 March, we put what we have learned on probability and statistics into practical use. We held a math carnival and invite grade 7 and 8 to participate. At first, Fellingga and I created a game which require the participants to shoot a moving duck. But in the process there were some technical difficulties so we change the game into "Hit The Figures". The participants will try to hit 4 figures, which is made from thick cardboard, using rubber balls and they were given 4 chances. The prizes depends on the score. They will get either candies or candies with extra prizes.
I realized that they have a little chance to hit all the figures. Out of 40 participants, only 2 participants could hit it perfectly. And some participants tend to play more when they were not satisfied with their previous result. We had so much fun and we earn Rp 40.000 which will be combined with our class funds.
And this is our Math Summary:  Math Carnival Summary

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  1. Nice entry Jayanti! You even included your summary. It is good to always have plan B in case plan A does not work, right? :)