Friday, February 10, 2012

A Reflection Art Project

I remember one day our art teacher (Sir Joseph) told us to collect as many CD as possible. He told us that we will make a lantern out of CD and glue gun. Questions going through my mind. Will this project works? Will I burn my finger when I use the glue gun?
Then the day comes, we started to work with our own CD's. It's hard to attach them together and make them stand. But then I realize how my teacher does it, I tried and it works! The next week we make the tail out of creep paper. Although my 'tail' was not the best, but I'm still proud when it's hung. Because I put effort on it.

The next project was to make Chinese coins out of CD. Our teacher heated a cuboid that's made up of steel. He told us to press the CD on the 'heated cuboid' so it'll make a square shaped hole on the middle of the CD. My hand was shaking when it's my turn. I got scared if it'll fell to my feet. I made a mistake in one of my CD, the cuboid was not hot enough to burn the middle of the CD. So It's shape was not good.
The next week, we sprayed it with gold color acrylic paint and paint it with some Chinese characters. It was FUN to work with paint! When it's hung, I saw it's nice.

                         (A picture of the Chinese coin that I took at school)

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